"Martina is a fantastic yoga teacher.

I love her positive energy and the added element of mindfulness she brings to her sessions. I am a bootcamp and fitness boxing instructor myself so subconsciously evaluate the quality of instruction and flow of classes. Martina’s instruction is fantastic and the structure and delivery of her classes tick all the boxes. I am very new to yoga but her classes and her skills as an instructor means she caters for both novices and those who are more experienced. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough”


Kully Chohan - The Phoenix Group

Corporate yoga

Discover the benefits

of yoga for the workplace

Many companies are beginning to discover the benefits of having regular yoga and meditation instruction during the work day. Studies in the Journal of Occupational Psychology and the Journal of Occupational Medicine have shown that mind-body stress reduction programs, offered in the workplace, have been effective in reducing work-related stress. In a randomized controlled trial, 239 participants of a national insurance carrier were given 12 weeks of either yoga or mindfulness training with accompanied at-home support. Individuals were then measured for stress levels, in addition to sleep quality, mood, and productivity. Those who received training had a marked reduction in perceived stress and sleep difficulty.