Intro to vinyasa flow 

elevating your vinyasa flow 


WHEN: Saturday 25th January 

TIME: 10.00-12.00

WHERE: Motionhouse Studio,

North Hall, Spencer Yard, CV313SY Leamington Spa

COST: £ 25

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a style of yoga that links breath with movement in an effort to unite body and mind in a flowing state of joyful presence. For the most part, is based off of the original & ancient power yoga - Ashtanga Vinyasa - which links together poses with vinyasas (plank → chaturanga → up dog → down dog). Ashtanga Yoga, founded by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, is directly linked to the father of Yoga- Krishnamacharya- who taught Jois.  In this workshop, we seek to learn the roots of vinyasa flow practice and diving deeper in to the art of flowing. Not only will we be refining our alignment, learning modifications & exercises to sustain your vinyasa practice for life, but we will also be learning a bit of the history behind the practice.


Vinyasa yoga is very popular at the moment but it is also the branch of yoga where people are most commonly injured. Refining your vinyasa alignment is the key to safe practice and being a lifelong practitioner. By taking this workshop, you’ll learn to introduce power and length to your practice. You'll learn how to build the strength to lower from plank all the way to the floor with control, how to protect your low back in upward facing dog and many more alignment "tricks". All of those things there’s never enough time for in a drop-in class! And if you’re new to yoga, there’s no better way to get started than to learn proper form!


I so look forward to flowing with all of you, & assisting you in deepening your practice. Send me an email or a  DM on instagram (@moving.mindflowness) if you have any questions about the workshop!


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We are all made of constant movement and we are all constantly connecting with movement.


All the time.


To use the space around us, to move through the world, to live in our bodies.


In Moving Mindflowness, this constant search for opposite forces and ceaseless movement creates space and freedom in the body and brings our mind to a centred place where flow, presence, acceptance and love can be found.

This workshop explores the fusion between dance and yoga in a joyful, immersive and creative way.

Through various guided techniques, creative flows and moving meditations this workshop will make you discover your own way of experiencing movement, in the moment, leaving you feeling connected, balanced,

present and energised. 




We'll explore new pathways to initiate movements that are authentic to you, in the moment, in a mindful and connected way.

We’ll explore how to shift the body in space by seamlessly joining movement, rhythm and breath in a dynamic way.


We’ll build stability and strength by rooting ourselves through the floor, while at the same time lengthening, floating and spiralling up and away from the earth.


We’ll nourishing our connection with our deepest energy through guiding the spine and centre to be the initiators - the power force to all our movement.

The workshop is open to all levels, ages and abilities.

We won't use a mat and we'll practice in bare feet. You only need to bring an open mind and a love for movement!